R U Serious… All I needed was another 2 laps around the track!

Everyone has made it obvious that all I needed was another ½ mile last week to break a new barrier and honestly I thought I had my mileage in the bag.  I didn’t think about it on Sunday because daily mile always rounds up!!  So I missed out on hitting 80 miles  of running last week by 2 laps around the track (the drive from Orlando to Tampa is less than this). 

 Here is some things to think about….

 How much time does 80 miles take up?

Also make sure to include warm up/ cool down/ stretching/ driving there….   Let’s just assume that each mile was at a 8 min pace (which it wasn’t) but its easier for the numbers.

80 x 8 = 640 minutes of running

640/60 = 10 hour this week of just running

Warm up/cool down (and talking to other runners) = 10 hours

Driving to my runs = 10 hours

Additional things I am sure I am forgetting = 5 hours

Total time this week = 35 hours (hmm  I don’t get paid for this)

 What are some of the things that I could have been doing with that time?

  • Drive to DC and back with time to sleep when I get there
  • Fly to Germany, have a beer and fly back
  • Read 3+ books
  • Listen to 40 Cds
  • Learn some basics of a new language
  • Be lazy and watch some TV
  • Watch 12 movies

Gotta love the time that we spend/ doing the things that we do 

What would you have done with 35 more hours?  Looking back….I would have made it 35.25 hours to get that extra 800 meters in!  I do love running!!!



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3 responses to “R U Serious… All I needed was another 2 laps around the track!

  1. mizunogirl

    2 laps around a track? wow. I think I’d rather run that distance than watch 12 movies!!!

    Still a nice high mileage week!!!!

  2. Casey

    I’m pretty sure it would take you less than .25 of an hour (15 mins.) to run 800 meters. Even I’m not that slow.

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