4 days till MCM 2011

It’s here and I can’t believe it (I wish I had another month to put in more training).  But the big day is only a few days away.    It’s crazy to look back and see how much work has gone into this one (at least compared to the last 2 years).

 But let’s recap… 

 2009: I started the year with NO DESIRE to run a marathon! (But running MCM was on my bucket list… but not till after 30)  Then some cute girl hit me up and convinced me to run it… (as you can tell I was a sucker and signed up)  2-3 weeks after she convinced me to go run a marathon…  SHE WENT AND GOT A BOYFRIEND… dang-it.  

 Fast-forward a few months (of not training) and I meet this Redhead (She just got engaged!!!  Congrats!!!) through a mutual friend Capt C.  I don’t remember how we meet or how we first started running together but she became my training partner (poor girl).  Up until that point she was a very boring runner, she is going to hate me for saying that, I taught her to spice up the runs and make it one hell of an adventure (boring running is… boring).    Looking back all I trained for this races was 3-4 runs a Month!!  Yes I said a month.   The only time I would go running, is if I ran with Red

 Here are some pics to show a quick recap!  I ran with the Lockheed Martin F-35B Marine Corps Team!

 2010:  “Don’t worry… I am going to smoke this race and qualify for Boston no problem, I have put in the work this year”  – I said that to everyone.

 Let’s take a look at what really happened.  Training was way more hardcore than last year!  20-25 miles a week the whole training cycle… until the week before I upped it to 60 miles.  At the start of the race, my game plan was to run with the 3:10 pace leader the whole way and qualify for Boston, but that plan blew up 3 min from the gun going off.  I ran into one of my running friends and she asked me to run with her.  I am not going to recap everything that went wrong… if you want to read about it click HERE, but by mile 8 lets just say we were almost 7 minutes ahead of my goal pace…  By mile 16 I knew this race was going to be horrible, and by the time I finished with a 3:26 I ended up in the back of an ambulance. 

 Here are some great pics to capture the race!!

Don't Stop - Thats what she said

So now with 5 days left… the question to myself… Am I ready? Can I stay on pace to BQ (Boston Qualify – under a 3:04:59)?  Have I put in enough work to accomplish my goal? 

Update:  I know I started this WAY LAST MINUTE!!!(I didn’t sign up to race with a charity, I chose one last week to support because I fully believe in the cause!!!)  Please help me bring some additional joy to Special Operation Soldier’s children this Christmas!  We are raising funds to support these kids while their parents are stationed overseas.    

Click here to donate!!!: www.active.com/donate/supportusarmedforces


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One response to “4 days till MCM 2011

  1. Are you ready? Yes.
    Can you stay on pace to BQ? Yes, as long as you stick to the GD plan!!! Have you put in enough work to accomplish your goal? As far as I’ve heard…

    I’m so proud of you Ben and I know that no matter what happens on Sunday, you’re going to have another amazing race, and I’m so excited to be there to cheer you on!!!

    And yes, I used to be boring and I can never thank you enough for getting me outside of my comfort zone and making every run an adventure. 🙂

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