The Great Car Sticker Debate

Now that I have finally hit my marathon goal (took me 3 marathons, but if you have been following my blog can I count the first 2?) the debate now becomes to get a 26.2 sticker or not…  But as I think more about it, why not get a 3.1 sticker.  It’s my favorite race.  I am proud of my times there.  I have more hope for a higher place in a 5K than in a Marathon.  



I fully understand that there is a great debate that goes on with this, but I don’t understand why it’s only acceptable to put higher distance races on the back of your vehicle.  Is running a 5K not an accomplishment?  Is running a 5K looked down upon in the running community when it comes to car stickers? 

 What’s your thoughts on having a 26.2 sticker on the back of a car?

 What would you think of a person that had a 3.1 Sticker on the back of their car.   Would you automatically think it was for a 5K or would you think it would be for something else?



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15 responses to “The Great Car Sticker Debate

  1. I haven’t ran a marathon before (am currently in training for my first!), but there’s just something to say about seeing a 26.2 sticker on the back of a car. I just think to myself, “One day that will be me!” Not to say a 3.1 merits any less respect, but it doesn’t inspire me that much. Either way, it’s your car so who cares? 🙂

    • I know! half of the reason why I want the 3.1 is because everyone hates that sticker 😦 but the 5K is a different type of race! that one is big time about massive amounts of pain for a semi short amount of time

  2. I have a slew of stickers on my car. 13.1, 26.2, 70.3, USAT, Still need to get a 140.6 one. We have 5k and 26.2 magnets on our fridge along with a bunch of race specific magnets.

  3. John

    I know where you can get a custom 3.1 sticker…. Your allowed to put whatever sticker you want on YOUR car.

  4. Jenny

    You have to run a race three times to have a sticker?

  5. “the real race starts at mile 2.” i’ve been snorting at this all day.

  6. CrisHooker27

    I would think it was a Religious based AM station.

  7. funny… I just ran across your blog… and I actually have a 3.1 sticker on my car.

    nice blog too BTW

  8. Kim Holmes

    I have been looking for the 3.1 sticker as well as other “trophies” for serious walkers..Cannot run but I walk really fast…Did 10 5Ks last year and would appreciate a chance to trumpet my accomplishment.

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