Hot vs Cold

BRRRRRR..... This will be me this weekend


 I have to ask you all out there, how do you deal with running in the cold 2-6 months out of the year?  I am only asking because I am up to Michigan tonight and the highs are in the 20-30s.   As a Florida boy I can run easily when its 99 and I actually enjoy it!  Except on track days…  and the end of a LR, and the…  whatever I enjoy the heat!  (its 72 in my office right now and I am wearing my MCM jacket).

 But what would you choose?  To run in the cold or run somewhere its nice and warm?

Or a good run in FL (no this is not me...)




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6 responses to “Hot vs Cold

  1. Honestly? I do love me some cool weather running now that I’ve become a native Michigander again. 🙂

  2. Jessica

    I heart me some warm weather running. The only benefit of cold weather running is you don’t have to wake up as early! 🙂

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