Goodbye Miami Marathon!!!

So I think it’s official, I am pulling out of the Miami Marathon.  The original plan was to run with Marathon with Jeff, JE, Beth, Mandy, one of Jessica’s friends from the Midwest, and anyone else in the Brandon  group that is shooting for a 3:30-3:35 marathon.    Knowing that I wasn’t going to go out and hammer the race I became LAZY with my training (maybe a good week I would get 8 miles in).    

 But everything changes yesterday morning when a friend posted on FB that he entered the NYC Marathon lottery… so I tossed my name in also.  Its only $11… what have I got to lose…  within hours people started pointing out how they have qualified for a guaranteed entry!  I want a guaranteed entrée!!! I just have to take my 8 minutes off my half PR with 27 days left to go and almost no training since the Marine Corps Marathon.

 So I sent in my bid to downgrade to the half at Miami and make that my race to qualify before the Jan 31st deadline…  I will keep you updated when its approved.

 Let’s see if I can make this happen so I can run NYC this year!!!



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3 responses to “Goodbye Miami Marathon!!!

  1. If I was fast enough I would go in a heartbeat! I lived in NYC for a few years and I can imagine how incredible it would be to run there!

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