Most Excellent Christmas Gift EVER

I just want to give a shout out to my GF who went through the thick and thin to find my pics from my first marathon!  

Super Quick Race Recap:  MCM 2009


I vowed never to run a marathon until at least my 30s because I didn’t want to be one of the crazy….  Wait.. I really just didn’t want to, so please pick an excuse for me and we can utilize that one.   But I knew when I decided to take up the challenge, I would start with the Marine Corps Marathon.  So in the spring of 2009 some cute girl that I knew from college shot me an a message…  “you should run MCM with me..” and being the dumb single guy, I signed up, and in the following weeks she found a boyfriend.


So let’s fast forward a few months I have run absolutely 0 miles in training for my first marathon, when my friend Capt C introduces me to some red head that needed a training partner for a few runs.   My entire training regiment for this marathon was 3-4 runs a month and I only ran when I was running with Red.  There are tons of fun stories here but I will save for another time…  This is also where I picked up the nickname “Lazy Runner.”

The big day

This being my first marathon, I decided to bring a camera with me to capture all the moments that I thought were cool during the race (I really used it as an excuse because all my friends were running sub 3 hour marathons and I quit running after college.)   The first 10 miles were amazing, I stopped and took pictures of everything that was cool and somehow at that point I was still ahead of the 3 hour group.  Shortly after that my lack of training started kicking in, but my spirits were soaring.  The next 16 miles were split up with a lot of walking and picture stops (rest stops), and all smiles.  I could not keep the smile off of my face.  There was so much excitement, thousands of people cheering you on, I was giving out hundreds of high fives, stopping to thank the Marines at different mile markers for their service and their support.  Overall I stopped during the race 62 times for Kodak moments, had an amazing race, and finished with a 3:49…  And then took 6 months off of running… 

Pictures during the race

It was 26.2 miles of all smiles! 

At the time I ran for the Lockheed Martin F-35B Marathon Team, which was awesome.  Having crowd support throughout the race and being able to show off one bad ass fighter jet!  Stuff like this makes me glad that I am hanging out on the American side of any battle.

Last note:  Who are you cheering for this weekend for the Oly Trials?


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