Miami Update:

Its official!!! My bib has been transferred from the full Miami Marathon to the half Marathon. The whole purpose of the switch is because I thought that it would be easier to take 8 minutes off a half marathon than 8 minutes off a full marathon. It’s actually almost 9 because my last half marathon PR is 1:30:54. I’m trying to qualify for the NYC Marathon before the end of the month.

But just wait!!! I know what you’re going to say… With the Marathon you can spread that out over 26.2 miles rather than 13.1, and I do agree with you that in a typical situation it would be doable along with smarter! But my training from MCM, late Oct to the beginning of Jan, consisted of only a few miles a week.

So the odds are against me to get a 1:22 Half:

  • I don’t have time to pick up the mileage to something crazy to get in shape without the increase of injury
  • My best half marathon is a 1:30:54
  • Less than a month of training
  • 2 long runs over 10 miles in the last 3 months
  • Packed on some additional weight (dang double stuff Oreo cookies sitting in my work drawer)
  • You can’t really reverse engineer your BQ time down to a half marathon… some people say the math just doesn’t work out
  • My coach is already predicting a meltdown halfway through the race
  • I have a history of taking off too fast and burning out (not fading) it’s so bad the running group calls it “Pulling a Ben”
  • Might be a little too focused on having fun for this trip

But there are some positives that I am pulling from:

  • Ran 10 miles this week in Clermont on the hills and averaged a 6:40 pace
  • Had a great track workout this week: 400, mile (5:24), 800, 800, 400, mile (5:18) and an optional extra mile of 5:36
  • Ran 15 last week and kept the first 10.5 at a 6:59 pace and hammered the last 4.5 to make it an overall average of 6:47
  • I am reading a running book to help with the mental game “Running the Edge”
  • I starting to embrace the pain feeling of running again!
  • The desire to run with one of the runners I look up to! He is also running NYC!
  • I have recently had a mental shift during the track workouts where I am starting to control effort through different types of kicks at different places during the workouts (Still suck at holding a pace, but I know how to hold an effort level)

So feel free to start putting wagers down for what Lazy Runner will run at Miami! Will it be NYC quals or Bust??

On another note, I live in Tampa and there are tons of social runs all over the city! But there are none in Brandon so I decided to start one! I have the info below if you would like to come and just hang out with a bunch of other runners. (You don’t have to run if you don’t want to!!!)

I would like to invite you and whomever else you would like to bring to Run and Wine (they also serve Beer) event on Thursday Feb 2nd at 6:30 pm over at the Cork and Olive in Brandon.

I know that all across the Tampa Bay area there are successful social running events, but nothing really in the Brandon area so I was hoping that this would be a great trial run.

Date: Thursday February 2nd
Run Time: 6:30 pm
Social Time:7:00 or 7:30pm – whenever
Location: Cork and Olive
2086 Badlands Drive
Brandon, FL 33511
Run Location: Brandon Parkway (The path is lit up)
Facebook Event:!/events/302861949750500/



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8 responses to “Miami Update:

  1. Ben, I totally think you can do this! If you know you take off too fast.. then don’t. You are a really excellent runner and all you need is to believe in yourself. I’m excited for you!!! And please walk away from the oreos.

  2. Walt

    I appreciate the fact that you look up to me but, I am not running NYC.

  3. Ray (Dad)

    great picture! dont forget to buckle up for safety, drive defensively and watch out for the other guy (my PSAs for the day)

  4. Start out with a pace group to help keep you reeled in for the first couple of miles and then go loose your mind. 🙂

    Also, I tagged you on my blog today. Do it and I’ll write the LR story.

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