TBT Beer Dash

 After taking almost a week off from my crazy day of pain and plantar fasciitis  (20 miles of running in hills of San Antonio with the last 10 miles at a 6:38 average and then hopped on the bike and rode for 30 miles) I decided to grab my shoes and hit up the local TBT Beer Dash.. 


After getting our race delayed by almost 30 min because of some silly bike race they kicked us off.   All I have to say is that 3K HURTS.    It was 3 laps of pain on the Crit course in downtown Tampa.  It was tons of fun but the only pain point I have is that by the time we rounded out the first lap and started the second we were dodging people walking and jogging.  

 All in all I finished 4th place overall and I was happy with that after almost a month without speed workouts and a week without running due to a nagging injury!  (the race winner ran a 4:03 mile last year… so I am ok with losing to him.)  If you would like to look at the rest of the pictures of the race click here.

-Lazy Runner


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2 responses to “TBT Beer Dash

  1. Welcome back! And GREAT job at this race. LR!

  2. RunnerMom

    YIPPPEE!!!! Great, great job!

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