Either social or solo you can never turn down a goodnight…    you could be ripping them down one by one or slowing enjoying and soaking it all in for what it is… the pain the morning is still the same.

 The second I roll out of bed and hit the floor I know that I am paying for last night dearly.  I can’t believe I forgot the IB Profin when I went to bed.   Maybe I didn’t get enough water… who knows, but I feel it as I stumble and almost come crashing to the floor during my first few steps.

 I HATE YOU PLANTAR FASCITIS…  you’re a horrible hangover from last night’s good run!

 Whether its my fun social runs or I am ripping intervals up around the track!   You still make me pay dearly in the morning.


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3 responses to “Hangovers

  1. RunnerMom

    HAH!A!!!!!! BOOO PF.. Go away

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